What for a lawyer / law firm do you want to handle your real estate transactions / development projects?

JOHN ERIC POLLABAUER is an ethical  Counsellor-at -Law  practicing primarily in the fields of property development and real estate transactions and he and his wife, Ghislaine, resides  in  the City of Dieppe,  New Brunswick,  Canada


Hi, I’m John Eric.  My personal practice style is what thought-leaders refer to as “human-centered” lawyering. Human-centered lawyers are those who can treat legal problems as human problems, translate legal complexity into relatable frameworks, and navigate tension and conflict with skill, patience, and respect for all stakeholders involved.

In working toward becoming more human-centered, I’ve come to understand the value of making emotional connections with individuals I’m interacting with and not treating legal matters and the people connected to them as purely transactional. Empathy, the key to human-centered design, is the same key that opens the door to human-centered lawyering.

The International Bar Association (IBA) and its affiliates have assembled a list of the world’s leading real estate lawyers in their publication “The International Who’s Who of Real Estate Lawyers 2015” and John Eric Pollabauer  was  among approximately thirty (30)  lawyers from Canada  selected as being amongst the world’s leading real estate lawyer.  His vision is simple  –   earn the recognition and respect in the business community as the “go to” legal specialist with respect to running a highly efficient and well organized boutique commercial real estate law practice whereby his select clients receive exclusive on-demand cutting-edge legal services which, combined with the client’s own (i) resources, (ii) strategic plans, and (iii) business goals, establishes the necessary tools to exploit and monetize lucrative targeted real estate ventures and opportunities.



Monday to Friday   8:30 am – 5:00 pm

Saturday 9:00 am – 1:00 pm

Meetings outside these regular office hours may also be available



Residential Property Transactions

Incorporate Businesses

Commercial Transactions

Wills, Trusts And Powers Of Attorney

Real Estate Development

Property Title Searches

Conveyances Or Real And Personal Property

Prepare Business Contracts

Prepare Leases

Review Contracts

Advise On Building By-laws

Advise On Municipal By-laws

Advise On Zoning By-laws

Appear Before Municipal Councils

Appear Before Service Commissions

Construction Contracts

Property Ownership Disputes

Green Leases



Cheque / Bank Draft / Email Electronic Funds Transfer

Certified Cheque /  Money Order



English / Some limited German




Email: johneric@pollabauer.net

Malenfant Business Centre

654 Malenfant Blvd., Suite 102

Dieppe, New Brunswick


Office Telephone: (506) 855-1100 Office Fax: (506) 855-1115

Cell Phone: (506) 863-4615



when it comes to practising real estate law, does the size of the law firm really matter?

I may not be as big as anyone of the 20 largest law firms in New Brunswick, but when it comes to practising real estate law, does the size of the law firm really matter?

I would answer in the negative, Real Estate Law is one unique practice area where the skill set, expertise and experience of the individual lawyer greatly outweighs the size and prestige of any law firm – the bigger and more prestigious the firm generally speaking the bigger the invoice

Why not pay solely for the skill set, expertise and experience instead for prestigious office space and high law office overhead. Https://about.me/jpbauer

The Art of Lawyering and the Rule of Law

One of the hallmarks of civilized society is the Rule of Law. Its importance is manifested in every legal activity in which citizens engage, from the sale of real property to the prosecution of murder to international trade. As participants in a justice system that advances the Rule of Law, lawyers hold a unique and privileged position in society. Self-regulatory powers have been granted to the legal profession on the understanding that the profession will exercise those powers in the public interest. Part of that responsibility is ensuring the appropriate regulation of the professional conduct of lawyers. Members of the legal profession who draft, argue, interpret and challenge the law of the land can attest to the robust legal system in Canada. They also acknowledge the public’s reliance on the integrity of the people who work within the legal system and the authority exercised by the governing bodies of the profession. While lawyers are consulted for their knowledge and abilities, more is expected of them than forensic acumen. A special ethical responsibility comes with membership in the legal profession. This Code attempts to define and illustrate that responsibility in terms of a lawyer’s professional relationships with clients, the Justice system and the profession.